How Anti-Glare Computer Glasses Work

- Oct 22, 2016-

How Anti-Glare Computer Glasses Work

Anti-glare glass has anti-glare glass with anti-reflective effect,so it widely used in computer display screen.In order to protect the people glasses are specifically designed to reduce eye strain while working at a screen, helping to improve focus and get rid of associated problems.

Computer screens are particularly problematic because of the high refresh rate – the eyes have to deal with the tiny and regular changes to the light received, causing strain. The anti reflective coating of computer glasses eliminates the reflection of light from both the front and back of the lenses, which means the eyes do not have to work so hard and focusing becomes easier.

The anti-glare coating on computer glasses will also reduce problems caused by harsh office lighting and boost contrast, which is often lacking on computer screens and is another factor that causes eye strain as they struggle to focus accurately.

Contact lens wearers may get an added benefit from wearing anti-glare computer glasses. Screens generate heat and can make the air around them seem drier, which is often a cause of discomfort for those who wear contact lenses. Computer glasses can act as a barrier and make viewing the screen more comfortable.

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