How Can The Glass Be Wiped Clean?

- Apr 27, 2017-

How can the glass be wiped clean?

Wipe the glass tips


(1) window glass or glass mirror with traces and oil, you can use cloth or cotton drops a little kerosene or white wine, gently wipe, it will bright and clean.


(2) coated with Phnom Penh frame, frame or glass dirt, towels can be dipped in residual beer wipe, can remove dirt, make it clean and bright.


(3) glass, the mirror stained with paint, dirt, with vinegar is easy to wipe.


(4) scrub the glass, the first coated with chalk gray or gypsum powder of water, dry and then wipe with a dry cloth, easy to wipe dirt, and easy to polish.


(5) Put some blue indigo in the water, will increase the glass luster.


(6) first with a damp cloth to wipe the dust, then the waste paper into a group of rub on the glass, the newspaper ink can quickly wipe the glass.


(7) a large area of oil on the oil, the first scrub with gasoline, and then washed with detergent or detergent, and then rinse with water.


(8) glass plate or mirror with wax traces, can be added with a few drops of ammonia water hot water scrub. Be careful not to let the water penetrate into the back of the mirror, otherwise it will divert the back paint, and then destroy the reflective layer.


(9) with onion slices glass windows, not only can remove the dirt, and particularly bright.


(10) scrub the mirror with tea, glass, etc., good decontamination.

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