How Is Electronically Controlled Dimming Glass Controlled By Electricity?

- Nov 21, 2016-

Many people think that the smart glass will be their own light, or can display the image as the LCD screen, in fact, not. smart  glass is just a kind of electricity to control the middle of the glass liquid crystal layer transparent and opaque state of the glass. As for what is the electricity, in what way control, a lot of people confused. Today let us look at it!

We can put a piece of smart glass as a lamp, then a wall of the glass partition is equivalent to a row of parallel light, the lamp can be controlled by what way, then the smart  glass can be how to control. The difference is that with the light, smart glass must be connected to the transformer (that is, power supply) to use, the transformer will be converted to civilian 220V 60V smart glass voltage. Wire must be connected to the transformer before connecting the smart glass, and the input and output can not be reversed, otherwise it will lead to high voltage smart  film ignition burned.

As can be seen from the above, smart  glass does not require a complex control system. His circuit is very simple, it can easily access smart home systems, intelligent building systems, advertising wall systems and other intelligent control system. If you want to achieve more complex control, only need to install the power control module on the line.

Through the installation of control module, you can achieve mobile APP, computer remote, timing control, light control, voice, touch and other control. A variety of control methods mixed use, you can also achieve piece control, multi-point jump and other effects.From transparent  to opaque, etc. can also be achieved by adjusting the voltage to meet the customer's various design requirements.

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