How Is Made Of Embossed Art Glass ?

- Dec 29, 2016-

 With the development of glass technology and market demand, the art of embossing the art of glass, the following to introduce you to the classification of embossed glass and made method.

Embossed art glass, also known as pattern glass, knurled glass, generally divided into embossed glass, vacuum coated embossed glass and colored film embossed glass, single-sided embossed glass with translucent but not through the performance characteristics, privacy Strong, is the bathroom, the bathroom of the best choice, while the need to pay attention to the installation of the embossed face can play the desired effect.

Embossing art glass in accordance with the manufacturing process can be divided into single-roll and two-roll method two.

Single roll method: the production of glass to be cast to the rolling molding stage, the table can be made of cast iron or cast steel, table or roller engraved pattern, roller rolling in the glass surface, made of embossed art glass sent Into the annealing furnace.

Two-roll method: the production of embossed glass is divided into semi-continuous calendering and continuous calendering two processes, the glass liquid through a pair of water-cooled roll, with the roller forward pull to the annealing furnace, the next roll surface convex pattern, the The roll is a polishing roll, thereby producing a patterned embossed art glass on one side.


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