How Is The Bathroom Mirror Installed?

- Apr 18, 2017-

How is the bathroom mirror installed?

Our family bathroom wall covered with tiles, because the bathroom is wet, surrounded by the use of wallpaper or wood cover will cause the overall wall of the broken, moldy, or even fall, so the most ideal is the tile tile walls The After tiling the tiles, many people like to install a different shape in the above glass. After the glass is installed, both beautiful and beautiful in the mirror, but also to the effect of decoration to the air. Followed, we have some minor problems, in the tile above the decorative glass, it is easy to fall off or broken out, how can solve this problem? We today with everyone to easily solve this problem:


First of all we have to understand why the mirror glass will fall down, because the tiles are not resistant to squeeze and hit, easy to break, then how to install the bathroom mirror has become a troubled everyone difficult to glue the kind of viscous material encountered wet water vapor Will lose sticky, and can not knock nail suspension, then in the end how to deal with how to install the bathroom mirror, we use a special expansion screw to fix the mirror. This kind of screw can be installed with a fixed mirror, the appearance is also good looking, in line with the overall design of the bathroom. Is more and more people like.

Now, you should know how to installed bathroom mirror .


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