How To Buy High-quality Glass Partition?

- Dec 27, 2016-

How to buy high-quality glass partition?

Glass partition, also known as glass partition, stainless steel partition. The main role is to use the glass as a partition to partition the space according to demand, a more rational use of space to meet a variety of home and office use. Glass partition wall is usually tempered glass, with wind pressure, cold and heat, impact, etc., so more secure, solid and durable, and glass broken after the human body damage much smaller than ordinary glass. There are three types of materials: single, double and art glass. Of course, all according to customer needs to do. High-quality partition works should be a good lighting, noise fire good, environmentally friendly, easy to install and the glass can be reused.

Glass partition not only in the office more and more popular, but also in the home decoration is also increasingly favored by the majority of young people, mainly because the glass partition not only has the advantages of good lighting, but also has a bright and transparent, spacious fashion Effect. So the glass partition has gradually become a new bright spot in the decoration.

The first is the choice of glass, glass partition is the main material of the glass wall, and now can be used as a glass partition glass stained glass partition, frosted glass partition, cracked glass partition, printing glass partition, sandblasting glass partition, bending glass Cut off, etc., we can more have their own preferences.

Followed by the choice of the border, border material classification for the stainless steel glass partition and aluminum-magnesium alloy glass partition, the current home decoration in the choice of relatively more aluminum-magnesium alloy, of course, we can also choose other materials according to customer needs.

Office glass partition generally have a professional glass partition company to complete the site measurement, drawing design, production and installation, but the office glass partition which components? What materials, the owners and clear. Glass partition installation and matching What materials need to be prepared?

1. Hardware accessories: including door handles, hinges, door locks, floor springs, push hands, pulleys, track, door suction and other components.

2. Frame material: aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, broken bridge aluminum, stainless steel, wood, steel and other materials are commonly used glass partition frame.

3. Wall materials: including tempered glass curtain wall, double glass, single-layer glass, blinds, automatic doors, wallpaper, foil paper, non-woven fabrics.

4. Sealing material: glass partition construction should be selected with a rubber seal with waterproof sealant to seal the gap.

When you buy glass partition must spend more effort, from a different perspective to weigh the product, so as to be satisfied with the purchase.


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