How To Choose Explosion-proof Membrane? Experts Advise You To Buy Six Tips

- Jan 05, 2017-

With the arrival of spring, the day and heat up. Especially in the north of the summer, in direct sunlight, driving is a very painful thing. So many people are considering to own the car fitted with explosion-proof membrane, in order to block part of the direct sunlight (picture parameters). So how do we choose explosion-proof membrane?


    On the market of car explosion-proof membrane variety, quality varies greatly, which can not help but have shoddy products.


    At present the price of automotive explosion-proof membrane from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars in the choice of explosion-proof membrane to note the following points:


    1. Light transmission. Front window and front windshield windows to choose a good light transmission, does not affect the line of sight of the explosion-proof membrane, the general choice of light transmittance of more than 85% is appropriate. Rear windshield film not only to ensure a good vision, but also to reduce the rear headlamps generated strong glare, to ensure that night driving sight.


    2. Heat insulation. Insulation performance is an important indicator of the quality of explosion-proof membrane, such as some use of nano-technology, spectral particle technology film can effectively block more than 95% of ultraviolet light, blocking infrared up to 50% to 80%.


    3. Explosion - proof. A qualified explosion-proof membrane has a high flexibility, when the glass rupture can increase the ductility of the glass, effectively reduce the glass splash damage to the occupants. The low-grade explosion-proof membrane feel very soft, lack of toughness, easy to aging harden brittle.


    4. Colour. Different owners of different colors on the explosion-proof film preferences are generally combined with body color to match the proposed explosion-proof membrane in the choice of using light-colored or natural color, so easy with other colors, while driving a long time will make the eyes more comfortable.


    5. Surface protective layer. Quality explosion-proof membrane surface will have a thin layer of protective layer, the role is to prevent scratches when used in the purchase, you can use your fingers to light explosion-proof membrane surface, check whether the protective layer with a scratch.


    6. Shelf life. The purchase of explosion-proof membrane look for the production date and shelf life, regular manufacturers of qualified products are generally valid for 5 years, the better the explosion-proof membrane is valid even up to 8 to 10 years.

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