How To Choose The Best Anti Glare Screen Protector

- Oct 07, 2016-

How to Choose the Best Anti reflective Screen Protector

 When it comes to the transmission of visible light, both glass and sapphire are exceptionally transparent, but the reflectiveness remains one of the biggest problems. Manufacturers use various techniques to scatter reflected light in order to reduce glare, with varying results. The most commonly used technique for displays is called Anti-Reflective coating, or AR coating. AR glass is also called high transmittance and low reflective glass,which is a manufacrure through coating two to multiple transparent anti-reflection layers on single or double sides of glass by advanced vacuum coatingh technology. It’s based on a thin-film interference principle which is also why soap bubbles produce colorful striations under the sunlight.

AR coatings have been around for a while, mostly used for luxury watches and prescription glasses. With more advanced, multi-layer compositions, it most recently made it into handheld devices — Apple Air 2 came pre-equipped with its own AR coating with no visible decrease in contrast and color intensity. It’s by far not a perfect solution, especially when it comes to smartphones. AR coatings come off easily, resulting in a large number of tiny “opaque” scratches and spots which interfere with a user experience. Phone screens are also more prone to scratches and wear than watches or tablets.

Screen protectors can help deal with glare issues. There are currently two options: matte finish and AR coating. Both solutions come with some drawbacks which you need to be aware of during your purchasing process. This quick overview will help you choose the best anti glare screen protector for your specific situation.

So AR glass is widely used in the computer screen,LCD screen,and the other electronic products screen.AR glass can reduce the reflective ,in order to protect our eye.

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