How To Deal With It Hot Band Glass Shipping And Packaging

- Nov 10, 2016-

how to deal with it hot band glass shipping and  packaging


In order to ensure the reliability of the way of shipping, reduce the packaging causes the quality of the impact of parts, we Zeeliang Glass Co., Ltd. to develop the actual situation of this standard to ensure product quality. For each customer's specific situation to provide personalized packaging solutions. Different varieties of futures fluctuations is not the same. Want to do a good job of shipping the following species is enough.

1, the general production period of 3 days! Depends on whether the factory is busy process is not complicated.

2, the box, crates, wooden box, (first carton packaging hot bend glass, and then in the wooden box around the use of foam around a wooden box, then the carton into the wooden box; Second, you can also pack a good Cartons around the fight wooden.)

3, lightweight, beautiful. Easy assembly and disassembly, according to the needs of users of tailor-made, good product quality, high technical content, solid structure, easy accessibility, color and diverse.

4, through the optimization of the packaging program, so that a single box can be loaded with more goods, reduce costs.

5, for different types of products, provide different solutions. For the export of high-margin products to provide a better material and appearance. For low-margin products, the use of more economical solutions.

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