How To Guarantee The Production Quality Of Hollow Glass

- Nov 21, 2016-

How to Guarantee the Production Quality of Hollow Glass

Hollow glass manufacturers to improve the quality of hollow glass, in addition to the use of advanced hollow glass equipment to control the processing technology to achieve high efficiency of production, if the neglect of the following safeguards to produce qualified hollow glass market recognition is impossible. Therefore, the production of hollow glass in the process, the following control measures should be strictly grasp.

(1) reduce the production process time

Minimizing the contact time of the desiccant with the atmosphere and reducing the loss of the adsorption capacity to make the desiccant have a higher adsorption capacity.

(2) strict control of the production environment temperature

The production environment mainly affects capacity and residual adsorption capacity.

(3) Select the appropriate aluminum compartment

The pores of the air gap to be small, reducing the operation of the molecular sieve water absorption.

(4) select the appropriate desiccant

To select the adsorption rate is high and durable desiccant.

(5) to reduce the diffusion of moisture through the polymer

Mainly by selecting a low permeability coefficient of the sealant to determine a reasonable seal thickness, reduce the internal and external temperature of the hollow glass temperature difference (that is controlled within a certain temperature range of production and can not make the temperature range is too large).

The above measures through the choice of materials, processing, environmental and other aspects of the control, the quality of hollow glass will be significantly controlled. Professional hollow glass equipment, strict production management, scientific process and hollow glass production quality control measures, is to achieve the premise of improving the quality of hollow glass.


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