How To Identify The Insulating Glass Is Tempered?

- May 03, 2017-

How to identify the insulating glass is tempered?

The simplest and most straightforward way is to see the eyes, see whether the glass under the corridor of the 3C logo, playing 3c marked are basically tempered glass (of course, in general, the kind of scraping) the tempered glass processing program is the first The ordinary float glass cut into the required size, and then grinding, cleaning, playing the national compulsory certification ccc mark (that is, ordinary ink), into the steel furnace after the finished glass can not be cut or in the processing. And the ink in the high temperature is baked after the general situation is scraping, tempered glass due to the impact of equipment and technology will appear quality defects in the general way to identify the surface is to observe whether the deformation of the glass there is a way to distinguish is Break the glass to observe the debris particles, this identification method in the home decoration doors and windows which does not apply, if you hit the 3C steel signs you do not believe this is steel, then you use a hammer or kick it, certainly not broken


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