How To Make Your Own Smart Mirror

- Nov 07, 2016-

How to make your own smart mirror

With the continuous development of economy and science and technology, people's lives are increasingly inseparable from the electronic products, because electronic products can make people's lives more abundant and convenient. Although the general mirror is great, but only a single function, which makes people feel very boring. Now there is a smart mirror on the market that allows people to browse the news and understand the weather while looking in the mirror. But the price of smart mirror is quite expensive,

You only need some glass and mirror support, display monitor and a smart Raspberry Pi can make their own intelligent mirror.

How to assemble your own Smart Mirror:

The builders built their own mirrors with a piece of glass and a lining. You can go this route, or you can buy a custom mirror designed for this purpose. After that, you must build a framework for the mirror. Remember, the frame must also hold a display, which can be bulky, so you need a thick frame to hide it. You also need to build a section in the frame to hold the mirror.

At this point, you're almost done. The only thing left is to install everything and plug it in. Once completed, you have a smart mirror of your own, so you can wash in the latest news and weather information.

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