How To Prevent Wire Glass Rusting

- Mar 28, 2017-

How to prevent wire glass rusting


1. The glass is packed in container, pallet or wooden box. Each piece of glass is packed in plastic bag or paper. The glass and the box are filled with soft and soft material which is not easy to cause glass scratches. "Upward, carefully" and other words and glass thickness, specifications, types or trademarks and other signs.

2. Winding glass in the transport, the glass shall not be flat or inclined, the length of the direction of transport should be the same with the vehicle, and rainproof facilities. Glass in the handling, should avoid collision with the hard objects, so as not to damage the glass. Temporarily unused products should be stored in a dry room, erected on the A word shelf, with a vertical plane of 5-100 tilt, and with a rope fixed.

3. The glass of the construction site should be stored in a ventilated and dry place. When the weather is abruptly changed, the construction personnel should check the site in time to prevent the glass box from flooding. Resulting in the edge of the glass edge of water leakage.

4. Clip glass in the installation process should not be brutal installation, gently, forced evenly. Window frames should be selected with high precision, easy to rust products, and should take full account of glass and frame material thermal expansion coefficient of different, leave room. Glass and window frame size to match, the glass should be small should not be large, but also to make the depth of the glass and window groove depth meet the requirements. The use of four sides of the box approach, in the design to consider the easy to quickly remove rain and dew. Keep the glass dry.

5. Metal frame can not be directly in contact with the glass, glass and the framework should be used between the high-quality sealing material filling, and pay attention to the sealing material and PVB film compatibility. It is recommended to use silicone rubber or polysulfide rubber seal material. Installation design, construction operations to meet the national mandatory industry standards JGJ113-97 <architectural glass application of technical regulations> requirements.


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