How To Protect The Surface Of The Glass?

- Feb 09, 2017-


  In daily life, the use of glass furnace is very wide, use and role is enormous, but if the protection properly, it will give glass losses. In order to reduce the finished glass scratches and mildew, the glass flow to the cold end of the general need to take the surface protection measures: anti-mildew agent, paper, dusting, purging broken glass chip, horizontal siege before and after the use of speed Roller and air transportation.

   1, glass mildew mold glass will affect the use of a lot of performance; reduce the transparency of the glass, affecting optical performance, appearance deterioration, can no longer be used for coating, mirror and other deep processing procedures; reduce the mechanical strength of glass; serious moldy, , FCL glass scrap. At present the cold end of the mold to prevent the mold of the main methods are folder paper, mold powder, mold liquid method.

Paper jammed paper can absorb water to prevent the formation of a large area of the glass surface of the water film, which effectively prevent moldy glass surface. The protective effect of the jammed paper increases as the mass per unit area of the paper increases. There is a certain anti-mildew effect of the paper jamming method, but the effective anti-mildew period is shorter than the expiration date. The acid proof paper will produce "paper pattern" on the glass and difficult to clean. Can be in the box is a manual paper clip, you can cut off after the cut paper cutter paper.

Anti-mildew powder sprayed on the surface of glass mold powder, is a cost-effective and simple surface protection measures, are widely used. The powder is electrostatically applied before the powder is sprayed, so that the powder is evenly distributed and firmly adsorbed on the surface of the glass plate.

Mildew solution method This method uses the suppression effect of divalent ions, and even if the water vapor on the glass surface is not easy to condense, but also in the glass surface to form a solid waterproof layer and there is no "paper pattern. There are two ways to apply: one is to mold the liquid sprayed in the form of spray to the glass surface; the other will be mildew with soft rubber coated roller coated on the glass surface. The applied mold-preventing liquid can be naturally dried.

2, to prevent the glass surface abrasion mainly due to the glass in the production and transportation process, between the glass, glass and other equipment to produce relative displacement. The blower cleaning apparatus is generally provided with a blower cleaning means for purging the glass surface after the final snapping step. Paper jam Paper hardness is much smaller than the glass surface hardness, there is between the glass plate, glass plate can be avoided due to mutual sliding and mechanical abrasion. Air transport As the glass conveyor process in the air floating state, and transport equipment without relative mechanical movement, thus avoiding the mechanical wear of the glass surface.

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