How To Select High-quality Toughened Glass Products?

- Nov 07, 2016-

How to select high-quality toughened glass products?

Tempered glass is a common product in our life. Often some merchant promotions claim that all the glass is tempered, which is just a gimmick. Whether the glass is steel.

Which is also a lot of knowledge. Today we will come to you one by one.

 First look, see broken glass fragments after the state. After high-temperature tempered glass, broken pieces of small and showing a cobweb state, debris stick together is not easy to hurt.

Untreated ordinary glass, broken glass is a piece of the block, the edge of sharp, debris large, easy to cut hands. Suitable for observation of small batch size and small glass inspection.

 The second look at the flatness of the glass and the existence of defects. The glass can be observed horizontally for slight unevenness. Through the high temperature tempered glass, the surface will have a slight bulge. The general curvature of 2.0 ‰, and second, after processing the glass surface there will be some defects, such as air bubbles, inclusions, scratches, lines and fog spots and other quality defects, the existence of such defects in the glass, will occur in use Deformation, reduce the transparency of glass, mechanical strength and thermal stability of glass.

Third look stress pattern, because the tempered glass is tempered by heat treatment, so they have left the heat treatment stress patterns, stress patterns are usually invisible. If it is tempered glass, you may see a row of blue ash on the surface of the glass

Colored, circular, elliptical, or striped pattern with a deep, intermediate, dark, shallow, and blurred boundary.

       The fourth to see the hardness of steel after the high hardness of the glass, with a hardness of 7H pencil to 2kg pressure ramped 45 degrees wipe w, no scratches residue, compared to tempered glass.

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