I Congratulate The Secretary For "the United States And Switzerland As" Trademark Application For Approval

- Nov 07, 2016-

I congratulate the Secretary for "the United States and Switzerland as" trademark application for approval

Today from the Trade and Industry Bureau and the trademark application unit was informed that the Division I and 2015 to submit applications for "Miriam as" trademark registration success. In lasted more than 1 year of waiting and repeatedly revised program, and finally in August 2016 to be successful.

With the success of trademark applications, marking the Shenzhen City Ze-Glass Co., Ltd. into the standardization of products, specialization, branding, and further commission the company's corporate brand image. Undoubtedly, the trademark is one of the important components of the national intellectual property protection. It is an important intangible asset of an enterprise and embodies the wisdom and labor results of the management, production layer and R & D department of the enterprise. From now on, the maintenance of corporate image, promotion of corporate brand will be our important work. At the same time, the success of trademark registration means not only the establishment of corporate brand image, but also the strong national laws and regulations to protect. On the rich corporate brand, the name of the enterprise to maintain and expand the impact of enterprises have a very significant positive significance. Victory was not easy, in the future work, Zeliang glass all the staff to make unremitting efforts to safeguard the corporate brand reputation, to present professional, efficient, regular and timely brand benefits.

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