In Addition To The Spread Of Fiber Glass Fiber Do With Outside There Are Other Purposes?

- Jun 22, 2016-

Glass fiber twisted rope of glass, can be said to be "the king of the rope." The finger as thick glass rope, actually be able to lift a loaded cargo truck! Because glass rope afraid to seawater corrosion, not born rust, and therefore used as mooring ropes, crane slings are suitable synthetic fibers to make rope, although in prison, but it will melt at high temperatures, while the glass cord was not afraid, therefore, ambulance glass Shengte not safe.

Fiberglass is organized, able to weave all kinds of glass fabric - glass cloth glass cloth both afraid of acid, alkali not afraid, it is used as a chemical factory cloth, very good in recent years, many factories have adopted the glass. instead of cotton cloth, sacking, making bags. such bags are not mold and rot, corrosion proof, durable, very popular with people of welcome, and also save a lot of cotton. beautifully patterned large sheet of glass Qiangbu with an adhesive to the wall, nice, eliminating the need for paint and maintenance, as long as the dirty cloth across it, it immediately becomes clean the walls.

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