In November, The Company Welcomed The News

- Nov 21, 2016-

   Zeeliang glass since its inception in 2011, has been moving in constant innovation, proactive road forward. In order to expand business and product diversification, the company in 2015 registered with the beginning of a subsidiary of Shenzhen Zeelang Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Which is a major business mirror TV, intelligent mirror products such as the main company. And then after more than a year of construction, and finally in 2016 and Shenzhen City, Zeelang Glass Co., Ltd. formally joined the formal formation of Zeelang glass finished electronics company.

  Since then, Zeelang Digital Co., Ltd. of electronic products, glass products will be completely Zeelang Glass Co., Ltd., the main combination of glass and electronic products, the formation of a complete electronic products sold to domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, the current Zeelang glass owned by the trademark Zeelang, KASEYA, MEIRUITV other brands will be granted to the company to help them open up the market, open market visibility. Common maintenance of brand image.

      After the merger of the two companies have a more complete product system, product variety. Not only alone can deep processing of tempered glass, silk screen glass, laminated glass, dimming glass and other products, but also with electronic products, independent production mirror TV, intelligent mirror and other finished products. Diversified product mix, more able to meet the needs of all types of consumers, to attract consumers.

      The two companies complement each other and grow together.

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