In The Home Decoration, The Glass Door Thickness How Much Appropriate?

- Feb 22, 2017-

   If it is home decoration, then the glass doors are generally installed in the bathroom as a dry, wet area of the isolation, so the glass door thickness and safety is also a concern for everyone.


Is the glass door thicker the better? Will the glass door be too thin to cause a burst?


In fact, blew and glass door thickness is not directly related. Now the shower room with glass doors are tempered glass, the quality of the glass door in the absence of external force, the probability of blew is very small. Most of the blew out of the situation because the steel treatment, but off.

       How much is the thickness of the glass door?


Is not the greater the thickness of the glass door to prevent blew, but because the shower room glass doors will often move, if done too thick, then the glass is more heavy, is not conducive to the shower door track load and accept, so do The glass door of the shower room, generally recommended glass door thickness is between 6 mm and 8 mm.


If the home kitchen to install sliding glass door, from the security point of view to consider, the glass shop owner said it should use five thickness, 8 too sink too hard to push, in fact, if there is a box of glass doors, the thickness of 5 mm Is absolutely no problem, in fact, with 6 or even more than 6 of the glass, if it is frameless hanger door need to use 8 mm or 10 mm.


Of course, if you do not consider the cost, simply from the security point of view, 5 +5 hollow glass is the best.


Common household glass door size thickness of a single door 900 * 2200mm (wide * high), which is used in home decoration more size. But if there will be children inside the haunt, recommend 5 +12 +5 of the tempered glass, that is, five thick tempered glass, plus the middle of 12mm thick seal with aluminum, plus five thick tempered glass, Together made of insulating glass. This is more expensive than 5 + 9 + 5, but also thicker, and broken glass are not people.

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