Intelligent Dimming Glass And Ordinary Glass Of The PK War

- Dec 16, 2016-

   At this stage, with the customization of consumer demand constantly mentioned, the traditional model of ordinary glass has been unable to meet the unique taste of consumers. As a result more and more intelligent dimming glass products more and more widely used in home decoration, office partition, hotel decoration, intelligent showcase and other fields. Large area of the use of dimming glass, from the various types of glass with the PK war on this curtain. Competition on the fierce competition today, we incarnation as a "front-line journalists" with everyone to feel about this atmosphere.


The first, we PK object is ordinary tempered glass.

    Ordinary toughened glass, light transmittance can be as high as 90% or more. Dimming Glass is greater than 80% transmittance. And the light transmittance can be adjusted as needed. Comprehensive comparison down. Dimming glass wins.


    Second: opponents frosted glass.

    On the sandblasted frosted glass alone, although the glass is opaque, but can not completely block the back of the object. There is hazy feeling. Privacy is not working well. The dimming glass, not only the surface is smooth, power outages can not see the back of the object, good privacy. Comparison down, dimming glass win.


   Third: opponents folder plastic glass

    This is really a powerful opponent Yeah. In terms of technology, dimming glass or laminated glass evolved from the. With the words out of blue than blue, then the contrast is really the case?

Laminated glass is composed of two or more pieces of glass intermediate PVB film combined with, with light, heat, noise, every UV function. While the double-layer structure of the glass structure is its impact resistance and safety performance is much higher than ordinary glass. As for the dimming glass, the production process and laminated glass, just the middle of the film is the use of EVA film. Laminated glass with the paste point, the perfect copy and paste to the dimming glass body. Coupled with dimming glass has a transparent function of fuzzy power, but also for its increase in many bright spots, this round of comparison down, or dimming glass to win.


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