Intelligent Electronic Control Glass Works And Advantages

- Mar 29, 2017-

Intelligent electronic control glass works and advantages

Through the icon, we can clearly see that intelligent electronic control glass is mainly driven by the power to achieve the color change. In the power state, the electric control glass sandwich within the PDLC electronic control film, the internal liquid crystal molecules appear regularly arranged, the light can be free to penetrate, then the glass showed a transparent state. In the power off state, the liquid crystal madman scattered, irregular arrangement, then the glass showed opaque appearance of the state.


 So what is the benefit of using smart electronic control glass?


 First of all, from the principle that the intelligent electronic control glass with a transparent power off the role of electric scrub, so it has a privacy function, the two states of the free switch, you can maximize the protection of personal privacy.

  Second, the finished electronic control glass must be done through the plastic technology, so there is a bit of safety glass. Safe new good.

  Third, sound insulation, good insulation, anti-UV rate of up to 98%.

  Fourth, can be used as a projection wall. When the glass shows an opaque state, it can be used as a projection wall. Beautiful, stylish, is now essential for home decoration composition.



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