Intelligent Era,your Glass Partition Upgrade

- Feb 20, 2017-

Intelligent era, your glass partition upgrade

 At present, because of the low price of glass, good light transmission, installation and removal are very convenient, a lot of material used to cut off the glass. Into the intelligent era, the types of glass and application areas are also increasingly rich and extensive, intelligent smart glass and thus get a lot of manufacturers and users of all obstacles. Offices and hotels are two places with more glass partitions, and are the most widely used places for smart dimming glass.

We all know that the use of glass partition can be relatively separated from the various functions of the region, both to save space, but also to keep the space bright and spacious, and easy to remove and transformation. Can be ordinary glass partition or let the indoor people at a glance, no privacy at all, or is translucent bad and immutable, which with the office environment emphasizes privacy, the pursuit of space and permeability of the idea runs counter to. Hotel bathroom, shower room, also need a good partition to protect privacy, in these places the use of smart glass is undoubtedly the best choice.

So how should the glass partition be upgraded?

First, the original partition will be replaced by smart glass partition. This is a vast project, the need to remove the original partition, replaced by a new smart glass partition.

Second, in the original glass partition on the paste smart film. Film requires smooth and smooth glass surface, the film to keep the glass surface clean and tidy, so as not to bubble after the film or sticking impurities. Especially the large number of smart film on the technical requirements of the film staff is higher.

Compared with the two methods, the cost of the film is low, but the effect of the two is basically the same, the control method is the same. Smart  glass state switch only need to press the switch will be able to complete, or even through the smart phone to control. Technology to make everything become light and one stroke, which is intelligent smart glass in modern high-end office and senior hotel decoration in the popular sought after main reason.

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