Intelligent Smart Glass Function

- Nov 02, 2016-

Intelligent smart glass function

Intelligent smart glass, also known as electrochromic glass, it is through the control of the glass interlayer in the current size of the electrochromic material to achieve power transparent, power scrub effect. Now, let us understand the function of smart glass.

First . Privacy protection: the function of intelligent smart glass is privacy protection, you can always control the transparency of the glass opaque state.

Second .Projection function: intelligent smart glass or a very good projection hard screen, in the light suitable environment, the projection effect is very outstanding.

Three . Have all the advantages of safety glass, including the splash after the splash to prevent the safety performance, anti-strike strength, sound insulation, insulation, more than 99% of the UV.

A. Security: the use of laminated glass process, the glass in the smart film will be firmly bonded glass, glass can be affected by the impact of broken glass fragments stick in the middle of the film will not be debris Splash wounding.

B. Environmental features: the middle of the smart glass film and film can shield more than 90% of the infrared and ultraviolet light. Shielding infrared radiation and reduce heat transfer. The UV shielding can protect the indoor furnishings do not appear due to ultraviolet radiation fade, aging, etc., to protect personnel from direct ultraviolet radiation caused by the disease.

C. Sound insulation features: the middle of the smart glass smart film and film with the sound damping effect. Can effectively block all types of noise.

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