Is Power-on Smart Glass Safe To Use?

- Nov 03, 2016-

Is power-on smart glass safe to use?

Power glass, also known as smarglass, photoelectric glass, it is a liquid crystal molecular film into the middle of the two glass, after a special process after the integration of molding, electricity to control the glass transparent and opaque state of the product..

Because of the need to use electricity to adjust, so many people will doubt the safety of power glass.  Smart glass on the market today is more than the use of 60 ~ 70V AC, this is not the safety of the human body voltage. Then this product in the end security is not safe, the following to explain for everyone.

First, the glass will not conduct electricity, so there is no risk of electric shock. The glass in the liquid crystal film is completely sealed, even if not sealed, the human body directly touch it does not matter, because the liquid crystal film although conductive, but not equal to the voltage and current to be able to hit people. And the connecting part of the electrode is the most need to protect the part of the installation is the most in need of attention.

The simplest example is the bathroom in this humid environment, many people are worried about unsafe, but in fact many of the five-star hotel and high-end places in the early start before using this product. Multinational hotel groups such as Hilton, Wyndham, etc., these large group of hotel bathroom partition are using smart glass. If not safe, then the hotel will not be large-scale adoption.

Therefore, the use of the power of the privacy glass is completely without risk.

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