Is The Glass Thicker And Safer?

- Nov 08, 2016-

Is the glass thicker and safer?

  Glass is fragile, we all know, in most people's sublimation, the thicker the glass will be more secure? The answer is, yes, a lot of glass. One of them Known as safety glass. What is safety glass?

   The definition of safety glass: safety glass is two or more than two pieces of glass for the plastic has a strong resistance to external shocks, and can block ultraviolet radiation. Even if the glass breaks,

 The two pieces of glass are still able to bond together. Thus, the higher the thickness of the glass security.

   Conventional glass thickness of 2-10mm, if the building can be used to select laminated glass, laminated glass, insulating glass, dimming glass so that the total thickness of a single thickness of the double, or even

More, a good place to ensure a security application, of course, choose the appropriate thickness depends on the size and application of a single glass products, glass manufacturers generally give you the most

Suitable configuration, all the glass in the bending strength after treatment than untreated glass 3 to 5 times, up to 150 to 250 MPa, thermal stability increased 3 to 4 times, can withstand 200 ~ 250 ℃

Rapid temperature changes, the formation of broken sharp edges and corners of the particles, the human body is very small, is the most widely used safety glass. Therefore, not all of the thicker the better glass, glass depends on the force factors of steel, technology and so on.

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