Is Your Home's Glass Safe Enough?

- Jan 14, 2017-

Windows, can represent the style and characteristics of the building, overlooking the scenery outside the home; designed windows, can bring people more natural light and beauty, good or bad windows have an important component, that is, glass, glass Whether it is safe, but also to the home life has a very big hidden dangers.

Glass, commonly used as building materials, can be divided into: ordinary flat glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, bullet-proof glass, folder wire glass, insulating glass, hot bent glass.

As we all know, the common common glass, the first very fragile, the other will be after the sharp edges and corners, very easy to hurt, if the glass is relatively large, then it is very dangerous. First of all, his strength is very high, not easy to break, and secondly, even if it is broken, it will not form sharp edges and corners, while the particles of the glass, Very small, not as ordinary as broken glass will become a chunk of a chunk. So even broken, it is not easy to hurt.

Want to determine whether the use of doors and windows for the most direct method of toughened glass is of course to break the glass directly to see broken glass shape. In general, the poor quality of the glass is due to the large particles. But this method is destructive, not necessarily conditional.


Realistic conditions, to remind you can judge the following aspects:

1, see the seal. All tempered glass, the glass must be printed on the 3c safety glass logo, where there is no sign of the glass, can basically rule out the tempered glass.

2, to see edging. All tempered glass, four sides must be fine grinding. That is, the four sides of the glass does not have any fast mouth, and feels very smooth. If the glass has not been refined by four sides of the glass, in addition to too small specifications can not be refined, the rest of the basic situation can be ruled out of the tempered glass.

3, see the strength. A qualified glass, even if the two pad empty, which stood on an adult is not any problem.


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