Laminated Glass: A Transparent Security Barrier

- Jan 03, 2017-

More and more people in the decoration of the use of glass building materials to increase the permeability of the room and lighting rate, but on the other hand, has brought a lot of insecurity, glass damage and the phenomenon of increased theft. However, with the emergence of high-tech products - laminated glass, fashion and security can be taken into account at the same time.

Laminated glass, that is, between the two glass into a layer of polyvinyl butyral as the main component of PVB interlayer. Even if the glass fragments, debris will be stuck on the film, broken glass surface remains clean and smooth. Which effectively prevent the debris and piercing through the fall incident, to ensure personal safety.

In Europe and the United States, most of the architectural glass are laminated glass, not only in order to avoid injury, but also because the laminated glass has excellent seismic resistance. The middle membrane can resist the continuous attack of the weapon such as the hammer, the chopping knife and so on, but also can resist the bullets penetrating in quite long time, its security guarding degree is extremely high.

Modern living room, sound effects are good, has become an important measure of housing quality one of the factors. The use of the Saflex PVP interlayer laminated glass can block the sound waves, maintaining a quiet, comfortable office environment. Its unique function of filtering ultraviolet light, both to protect the health of people's skin, but also make expensive home furnishings, displays, etc. to get rid of fading doom. It can also weaken the transmission of sunlight, reducing cooling energy consumption.

Laminated glass of many advantages, used in home decoration also has unexpected of good effect. Such as many of the family's door, including the kitchen door, are made of frosted glass material. Cooking fumes in the kitchen when the plot is easy to accumulate in the above, if replaced by laminated glass, there will be no trouble. Similarly, the home of a large area of the glass interval, the child is a natural dynamic of security risks, if the use of laminated glass, parents can be greatly relieved.

Laminated glass is cracked safely and may break down under heavy ball impact, but the glass remains intact, and fragments and sharp small pieces remain adhered to the interlayer.

Toughened glass requires a large impact force to break, once broken, the whole piece of glass burst into numerous fine particles, the framework of only a little broken glass.

Ordinary glass a hit on the broken, the typical crushing situation, resulting in many strip-shaped sharp-edged debris.

When the wire glass is broken, the mirror-shaped debris around the hole, and in the penetration point around the left more pieces of glass, broken wires of different lengths


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