Laminated Glass Advantages

- Nov 15, 2016-

Laminated glass advantages

Compared with other glass laminated glass, with seismic, anti-theft, bullet-proof, explosion-proof performance. Energy saving is the middle layer can reduce solar radiation, to prevent the loss of energy, saving air conditioning power consumption, the middle of the sound of the sound vibration products can produce buffer effect, so as to achieve sound insulation. The middle film can block 99 percent of the ultraviolet rays, delay the fading of indoor furniture curtains. Increase the aesthetic appearance of the building.

 Laminated glass is a good performance of the safety glass, which is two or more pieces of glass with a bonding material firmly bonded together. With transparent, high mechanical strength, light, heat, cold, noise and UV properties, glass and bonding material combination, the laminated glass has a good impact resistance and crushing the safety performance. When the laminated glass is broken by impact, the debris is stopped by the bonding material, but the formation of cracks and not easy to hurt, but also to maintain the original shape and visibility. Laminated glass requires a complex process. Production time is long. High production cost, high safety performance.

 The glass products through a special chemical processing, which is characterized by the original glass reflective surface into a matte non-reflective surface; product surface corrosion, anti-scratch performance. There is no visible line on the glass surface. After the special treatment after the latter, whether it is technical requirements, or safety requirements, have reached the relevant national certification standards quality.

The amount of standards, in line with British standards, European standards, national standards, mandatory 3 C certification. Dimensions can be customized. To ensure that the products of good quality.


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