Laminated Glass Is PVB Film Or EVA Film Is Good?

- Dec 07, 2016-

    Earth people know, to make two glass together must be used in the middle of a layer of double-sided adhesive similar to the film, this film we called EVA film or PVB film. Both films can be used to bond glass, then the actual use, in the end in the folder on the use of EVA film is good or PVB film is good? This problem not only plagued my users, as the glass SALES, I also want to find out.

      From the industry point of view, PVB is polyvinyl butyral (Polyvinyl butyral) for short; EVA is ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) for short. The material composition of the two materials is completely different. Next we look at the storage environment, PVB need in the low temperature (18-22 ℃) dry (humidity 25% -40%) under the conditions of processing, storage, especially for humidity requirements are very strict, 120-140 ℃) high pressure (1.0-1.5MPa), most of the production of autoclave; EVA processing, storage conditions are relatively low, the temperature does not exceed 30 ℃, humidity less than 80% can be a piece of equipment requirements Low, vacuum ≥ 700mmHg (0.092Mpa), the temperature is 100-110 ℃; PVB complex process than EVA complex, longer, energy consumption is also large.

  On the current folder of plastic technology, the majority of deep-processing manufacturers using high-pressure folder furnace. This folder is more suitable for folder PVB plastic film molding process. Temperature. On the other hand from the use, the majority of PVB film laminated glass can be used for building glass, corridor glass, architectural glass and other places require high-grade glass. The EVA film, usually combined with the use of dimming glass. EVA film at high temperature can be perfect with the combination of dimming film to the glass together.

     Two kinds of film, two different products, customers can use the actual scene and the need to choose the right folder plastic glass products.


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