Laminated Glass Is The Best Alternative To Building Anti-theft Network

- Jan 11, 2017-

Laminated glass is in the two or more layers of glass between the folder called a PVB intermediate membrane material after high temperature and pressure made of integrated deep processing of glass. 4mm (glass) + 0.76mm (PVB interlayer) + 4mm (glass) made of laminated glass is the most common architectural glass. The use of this safety glass, thieves, if it is to use electric tools or welding, 5 minutes can only open a head size of the hole.

Qualified laminated glass is highly resistant to impact, commonly used tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, fire ax, chopping knife for laminated glass and so helpless, because excellent PVB interlayer has excellent physical properties of tensile strength, elongation, etc., Only from one side of the laminated glass can not be cut, which makes the thieves commonly used silent glass cutter lost its role. Even if the thieves break the glass, the thieves still can not enter the room because the middle layer is firmly attached to the glass.

The installation of laminated glass can eliminate anti-theft barriers, both beautiful and out of the cage feeling, and the cost of installing laminated glass is lower than the installation of ordinary glass plus the cost of security fence.

In addition, when subjected to external impact, laminated glass can also prevent the impact was penetrating, glass breakage will only produce fine cobweb-like crushing grain, because of its fragments still firmly adhered to the intermediate layer without shedding scattered injury people. Laminated glass also has good sound insulation performance, anti-ultraviolet performance and thermal insulation energy-saving performance. At present, the use of laminated glass in Europe accounted for 15% of the glass, the United States of America 8%.


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