Laminated Glass Style Changeable, Widely Used In The Market.

- Mar 08, 2017-

Laminated glass style changeable, widely used in the market.

The laminated glass is made of two or more pieces of float glass interlocked with a tough PVB (ethylene polymer butyrate) film, pressed together by hot press and drained intermediate air as much as possible, and then placed in a high pressure steam kettle High temperature and pressure will be a small amount of residual air into the film made of. In order to facilitate the higher requirements of customers and designers, can provide a variety of PVB film for customers to choose.


Product Features

High safety, due to the middle layer of the film tough and strong adhesion, after the impact of damage is not easy to penetrate, debris will not fall off, and tightly bonded together with the film. Compared with other glass, with shock, theft, bulletproof, explosion-proof performance. Energy saving. The middle layer can reduce the solar radiation, to prevent the loss of energy, saving air conditioning power consumption, the film can sound the sound of the sound products to produce a buffer effect, so as to achieve sound insulation. But the sound insulation is not good, because it is no vacuum layer, but two pieces of glass sandwiched between the film, the film is a sound, with the hollow almost. The middle membrane can block ninety-nine percent of the UV, delay the indoor furniture curtains fade. Increase the appearance of the building beauty. The middle membrane can have a variety of colors for designers to choose easy to coordinate with the external walls and the surrounding environment. Especially the pattern and color with the ever-changing, unrestricted random design.

Application areas

Because thelaminated glass has a high impact strength and the safety of use, it is suitable for doors, windows, ceilings, shower rooms, floors and partitions of buildings, skylights of industrial plants, shops, kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums , Private houses, villas, asylum homes, banks, jewelry stores, post offices and other items to save valuables or glass fragile buildings and so on. Glasses are also often used in schools, airports, hotels, ministries and commissions and other public facilities, prone to accidents (floor windows, glass doors, etc.) and roof skylights.

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