Laminated Glass Technology

- Mar 08, 2017-

Laminated glass technology

   The glass is a kind of safety glass which is made of two or more pieces of glass and special glue or film. The transparency and purity of the laminated glass are similar to those of ordinary glass, but because of the glass There is glue and adhesive film, glass broken its debris will not fall off the wrist, while the folder glass can block the sound waves, to maintain a quiet and comfortable office environment, its unique filter UV function, that is, to protect people's skin health Can make the home of expensive furniture and display products to get rid of faded doom. Past the production of laminated glass, with the import film, the price is relatively high, in addition to enterprises and institutions, home decoration rarely used. The appearance of laminated glass glue greatly reduces the cost of production and processing difficulties, do not need large equipment, hand can produce glued glass.

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    The operation is as follows:

    1, according to the requirements of cutting glass error is less than 2mm.

    2, the glass cleaning agent to the oil, dry with a cloth and then clean the cotton cloth with acetone wipe descreasing, the glass surface can not have oil and attachments.

    3, the clean three or two layers of white glass and tempered glass stacked, the middle put transparent film, the distance of 30 cm, surrounded by transparent tape, sealed tape, the four corners to be sealed once again, and then One of the sealing tape to cut a little glue the glue stick to the glue, then the hose began to glue, pay attention to the skin tube do not have air. The other end of the glass pierces a hole so that the air is drained.

    4, if the bubble filling process, with a thin thin iron into the bubble position of a pull, the bubble came out.

    5, made of glass into the sun for three hours for the finished product, the glass above do not put anything.

    6, the glue inside the glass must be dry the day, can not wait for the next day and then sun.

    7, the weather is not good, you can use 40W ordinary UV lamp, according to the 10-20mm spacing evenly distributed, according to the sun can be 40 minutes.

    8, per square meter Glue: 0.38mm with glue 0.45kg, 0.76mm with 0.86kg glue, 1mm with the proportion of  1.14kg with glue, with how much with the number of curing agent is one thousandth, with A small amount of alcohol  diluted into the glue after mixing.

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