Learn About Intelligent Dimming Glass And Design Principles

- Dec 21, 2016-

Intelligent smart glass can also be called: electronic control glass, PDLC glass, optical glass, optical glass, smart glass, magic glass, electronic curtains, electronic control smart glass, electro-optical glass, intelligent dimming glass, electro-liquid crystal glass , Discoloration glass. smart glass is a liquid crystal film into the middle of the two layers of glass, the high temperature and pressure after the integration of the sandwich structure of a new type of special photoelectric glass products. The user controls the transparency and opacity of the glass by controlling the current on or off. Intelligent smart glass Glass has all the characteristics of safety glass, but also have control of glass transparent or not the privacy protection function.


Design principle:

When the electronic control products turn off the power, the intelligent liquid crystal molecules inside the glass will show an irregular spread of the state, so that light can not be injected, so that the electronic control glass presents opaque appearance; power, intelligent smart glass inside the liquid crystal molecules Showing neatly arranged, the light can be free to penetrate, this time electronic control liquid crystal glass showing a transparent state.

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