Low-E Glass Meaning And Characteristics

- Apr 08, 2017-

Low-E glass meaning and characteristics

Low-E glass, also known as low-emissivity coated glass, it is the use of magnetron sputtering equipment in the float glass surface plating multi-layer metal compounds composed of membrane products, it can be in the winter heating, household appliances and the body announced The heat is reflected back into the room and drops the glass itself to conduction, and then greatly reduces the heat loss in the summer it can cut off the outdoor heat radiation into the room and play an outstanding heat insulation effect. Thus, the film can block the indoor infrared radiation composition of the heat transfer, the far infrared has a high reflectivity, with excellent insulation function.



Low-E glass features


1, useful progress Visible light transmittance, ground reflectivity, low emissivity, wide range of lighting, soft light, to avoid the occurrence of light pollution, and create an outstanding ecological environment.


2, useful control of solar radiation, blocking far infrared radiation, heat transfer coefficient U value is low, so that the insulation function, with outstanding insulation energy saving effect.


3, useful to block the UV through, to avoid the indoor furniture, fabric, art fade.


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