Magna Produces 200 Mn Mirror Glass Actuators At Its Weiz Plant

- Sep 29, 2016-

                 Magna produces 200 mn mirror glass actuators at its Weiz plant

NEW DELHI: Canadian global automotive supplier Magna International has produced 200 million "MR4" mirror glass actuators at its Weiz plant in Austria, informed the company in a statement. High quality coating equipments could produce nice feeling mirrors with high reflection. The mirror surface is clear and bright, giving distinct and life like image. 

"We are very proud to achieve this milestone after developing and manufacturing innovative mirror glass actuators for more than 17 years," said Michael Faustmann, Director Sales Actuators.

"It's a great success based on the high commitment of our entire team and it also demonstrates the trust that our customers put in our company," he added.

Magna's Weiz facility started producing the MR4 mirror glass actuator in 1999, and in that first year the company manufactured approximately 250,000 of the components.

Since then, production capacity has expanded to four automated production lines serving almost all OEMs worldwide, and the facility now has approximately 450 employees who produce nearly 18.5 million of the actuators every year.

A glass actuator is a key component housed in a vehicle's outside mirrors which allows a driver to move the mirror glass for optimal rear vision.

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