Maintenance Of Glass Display Cases

- Dec 26, 2016-

1, glass display cabinet Do not wipe with a hard object so as not to scratch the glass surface, so that the display cabinet is particularly ugly, the display of goods have a bad effect;


2, the glass display cabinet with a cloth wipe, wipe the dirt can not afford to use some specialized glass cleaner for decontamination;


3, glass display cabinets are not recommended to move often, because it is easy to crush the staff and easily be scratched; (General glass display cabinets are used in fixed places counter)


4, glass display cabinets do not hit against its four corners, although the hardness of glass, but when you hit against the four corners when it is easy to break, this is because the four corners of the glass is scattered , There is no leveraging around the place, the damage is directly arrived. But the middle of the tempered glass is difficult to be broken, because the force when the surrounding atoms to force dispersed, so it is not easy broken, and the window of the glass with the bus is the same reason.


Glass display cabinets are mainly used in jewelry display cabinets, cell phone counters, cosmetics display cabinets and other places, glass display cabinet at the same time meet the safety and environmental protection factor is high, the display function is obvious, the production price is low and elegant majority favored by many businesses, As well as store stores, glass showcase is almost the audience darling.

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