Melting Furnace Maintance Is Very Important

- Nov 17, 2016-

   Melting furnace is a special glass used to produce the special machinery and equipment. It is through the continuous increase and promote the high pressure or high temperature way between the two glass there is all the air squeezed out from there to achieve the effect of vacuum, so made of two pieces of glass or glass is finished Is the angle glass. As a result, we can sum up the folder maintenance of some of the precautions.

     Melting furnace maintenance to avoid collision, to avoid the damp environment, because the operating temperature in the wet environment can not be guaranteed to maintain a certain ideal state, the folder will be damp rubber oven.

     Melamine furnace maintenance also need to be careful not to knock on the strong installed, bump, there are casual frequent moves, because once a little bit of damage, you can not reach a vacuum state.

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