Microsoft Introduced Intelligent Mirror Can Interpret Your Emotions

- Oct 19, 2016-

Microsoft introduced intelligent mirror can interpret your emotions


Microsoft unveiled an intelligent mirror that not only allows users to take photos of their faces, but also enable them to get relevant information, such as the following: Time, weather and traffic direction.

Microsoft this side of the smart mirror called, is a single mirror. Mirror with a 23.6-inch LCD display below, you can display the black background of white information. The device runs on a Raspberry Pi 3 microcomputer and uses the Windows Hello biometric authentication feature for face recognition.

Magic Mirror's face recognition system can identify eight different emotions, including angry, happy and surprised. The Microsoft Face API Recognition Service can match faces to their profile files, allowing the Smart Mirror to display information related to user emotions.

In addition to displaying information such as time and weather, the mirror can also take advantage of the Internet of Things and provide relevant information such as the fastest route to work.

Izzat Khair, a member of the development team at Microsoft's Singapore office, says face recognition also gives advertisers real-time visibility into how users react to ads on smart mirrors.

As the  advance of  technology ,smart mirror  more and more easy to be accepted.


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