Mirror Glass Installed On The TV Should Pay Attention To?

- Nov 11, 2016-

    Now people on the mirror TV installation requirements, for fear of TV installed up the fall, and will not fall off. First ready to install tools, and now we have to look at the next few installation methods.


   1 mirror glass thickness should be 6 to 8 mm.

   2 installation is strictly prohibited hammering and prying, inappropriate to remove the heavy safety glass installation surface, the installation of wall-mounted TV, we must take appropriate measures to ensure that the installation of solid, beautiful. When the installation surface for the ordinary brick wall.

   3 cover device glass mounting surface, the drilling need to use a special drill, drilling with attention to cold water cooling to prevent the glass caused by uneven heating, the gap between the glass and the mounting surface should be too large a gasket, if necessary Lengthen the length of the screw to ensure a firm installation.

4 on the installation requirements of the wall-mounted TV, mirror TV installation service standards require flat-panel TV installation surface needs strong and strong, and have sufficient carrying capacity. When the installation surface is the wall of a building, it must be solid brick, concrete or its equivalent installation surface.

   5 If the installation surface for the material loose installation surface, such as old-style housing brick walls, wood and other structures, or the installation surface surface decoration layer is too thick, its strength was insufficient, should take appropriate reinforcement and support measures.

   6 humidity is now one of the largest stealth killer household appliances, no matter what electrical appliances are not suitable for long-term in a humid environment, many flat-panel TV failure problems peak in most of the rainy weather.

   7 In addition, outdoor sunlight can be directly irradiated to the TV is also very bad, if the above problems the user may wish to change the environment.

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