Mirror Glass Is A Mirror Glass?

- Nov 11, 2016-

Mirror glass is a mirror glass?

    Daily household mirror I believe we are not familiar with, is actually a coated glass, the glass will be washed flat on the level of wooden or wooden strips, take a silver liquid and a stirring down evenly. Liquid to not shed for the degree. About 2 cents per square meter or so. Until it gradually reflects the silver mirror on the glass, the excess liquid drained, rinse with water, pour the tenth of the gelatin to dry and then coated with a layer of iron red primer or other anti-rust paint liquid Become a mirror, do all kinds of color processing.

        The mirror glass is the use of vacuum magnetron reactive sputtering advanced technology in the glass surface through the mirror reflection treatment, mainly used in high-end decorative panels, coated glass in the absence of backlight case

Forming a mirror effect, as a mirror to use; in the case of a backlight, revealing the clear image of the screen.

       Thus, in terms of processing technology, or use that mirror glass and mirror glass can not be equal, the two are completely different from the two types of products. You do not confuse .

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