Mobile Intelligent Display Cabinet Debugging Is Completed

- Mar 07, 2017-

Mobile intelligent display cabinet debugging is completed

       Zee Lang glass since August 2016 officially began to invest in mobile smart display cabinets, as of March, which lasted six months, I have successfully completed the commissioning of the Division, officially entered the trial production stage.

        Mobile smart display cabinets, a hardware shape cabinet with a combination of dimming glass. The middle of the exhibition display products. When the dimming glass in the closed state, the glass can be put on the relevant product promotion video, corporate video and so on. Multi-vision to promote corporate culture. Second, the window with infrared touch box, you can touch the screen to control the play.

    This product can be widely used at the show. Small size, easy to disassemble. But also enhance the interaction with the customer experience. In the ordinary office can also be used. Can be used as part of the smart office.

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