Mortar Fiber Basic Technical Requirements

- Jun 22, 2016-

Technical characteristics of the nature of mortar fiber: fiber mortar workability of mortar refers to fiber is not easy being outside masonry develop into well-balanced and sustained thin, and with the grass-roots nature of the bond of closeness; Conceiving water retention and activity both meaning of.

Water retention refers to mortar fibronectin moisture skill. Paul bad aqueous mortar, using the process of bleeding thrown sideways, Ooze, make mortar and substrate bond is not strong, and because the water off the impact of adhesive mortar generally softened to make mortar strength loss. The primary impact of identity fiber mortar water retention is the variety and amount of cementitious material, sand varieties, fineness and water. Mortar fibers are braced lime paste, fly ash and other powdery hybrid material that can advance mortar water retention. Effect identity mortar fiber activity, the prime cementitious materials have variety and amount of water and fine aggregate species, particle shape, thickness and level of gradation, except with the mixed material also braced and plus variety agent, the amount related. Under usual environment, the substrate is a porous water-absorbent material, or dry heat is the premise of the construction, the activity should be selected large a rule of mortar. In contrast, less absorbent substrate, or wet premise under construction, should be selected active small mortar.

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