"North America And Europe Are The Major Markets For Smart Glass"

- Oct 21, 2016-

"North America and Europe are the major markets for smart glass"

Europe and North America hold the largest share of the smart glass market. North America and Europe are the biggest contributors in this industry in terms of consumption and manufacturing capacities. Players such as SAGE Electrochromics (U.S.), Research Frontiers Inc. (U.S.), View Inc. (U.S.), PPG Industries (U.S.), and Corning Incorporation (U.S.) have manufacturing facilities in these two regions. Green building initiatives, supportive government policies, and need for energy-efficient products are driving the European and North American smart glass market. The governments of many European countries are framing policies to encourage the use of energy-efficient products. Moreover, the revised government building construction and efficiency standards would further drive the European market. Currently, Europe is the leading market in smart glass; however, the APAC market is expected to provide stiff competition to the European market after 2022 owing to the demand from its architecture sector.


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