Novel Glass Surface Tackles Glare And Reflection

- Sep 28, 2016-

    Novel glass surface tackles glare and reflection

Today Anti-glare (AG) techniques use micro-scale surface features to bring about diffusion, scattering the light being reflected and making unwanted images appear unfocused.

"The challenge was to find a mass-scalable technique that could produce nanostructures on a wavy AG surface," commented Valerio Pruneri of ICFO to "This is the first time that this general principle has been successfully applied to glass."

According to the team's paper, the successful technique involves first creating an AG surface on a suitable glass substrate. A roughening process in which the glass is acid-etched through holes in a particulate polymer mask created AG features on the surface measuring from 1 to 100 microns across, and 10 to 500 nanometers high.

AR nanostructures were then manufactured on this surface. The team's method involved laying an ultrathin film of copper onto the surface and degrading it into individual metal nanoparticles by a dewetting process. Reactive ion etching then created nanopillars under each metal particle, after which the copper particles themselves were removed, leaving the nanopillars intact.

The result is a two-tier surface geometry that combined the best of both worlds: impressive AG and AR features.So,in the furture,  Novel glass surface tackles glare and reflection.glss of  combining AG and AG will be a new product.

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