Office Glass Partition Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

- Jan 10, 2017-

With the development of society, the traditional partition renovation can only be refurbished and large quantities of work, loss of a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, so slowly out of the stage of history, and the new glass partition is not only flexible design, installation fast, and the usual maintenance Is also relatively simple, even with the advantages of re-use. In the office partition and office partition is widely used.

Then the office decoration glass partition should be how to maintain:

1, first of all, we have to take care of the partition of the glass, work in the office when you have to be careful collision of these glasses, although the earthquake off the glass to do a good job, but we may not pay attention to when moving things to the collision, after all, we Office partition glass unlike bullet-proof glass, so we have to work in peacetime, when handling goods to be especially careful.

2, office partition glass to regular cleaning, similar to the ordinary glass for maintenance, cleaning staff can use a wet towel to wipe, if the glass has obvious stains, we can use a towel dipped in warm vinegar to wipe, Cleaners sold on the market can also be used, but do not use acid-base very strong solvent wipe.

3, part of the office glass partition like to use stained glass or patterned glass, the partition is not only for the office decoration style of beauty, but also for office space to do hidden layout, but if there is stains on the pattern glass, then up Very troublesome, but we can use the dipped in a toothbrush or other brush, gently wipe the pattern along the pattern, followed by a wet towel to wipe once, and finally dry with a dry towel to dry.

4, in the office work or moving goods to be very careful, the office designers should also take into account these, when the layout of the office, to make the work of the staff as far as possible away from the partition glass, a lot of office furniture is best not to place in the cut off Glass of the place.

Now the office of the wide use of glass partition, and we have to pay attention to the glass partition maintenance, good maintenance can not only make the glass partition clean as new, and can extend its life, so we have to master some office glass partition maintenance skills!


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