Origin And Development Of Insulating Glass

- Dec 21, 2016-

In the cold early winter of the twentieth century, an American sentry guard patrolled the windows of the sentry post with ice and ice to prevent them from monitoring the surroundings and affecting their normal duty performance. Based on this consideration, the soldier considered to be two pieces of glass at a certain distance after a certain distance in the sealed together made of insulating glass, so to solve the post window freezing or frosting problem, this measure not only solve the problem of glass fogging, Making the less loose warmth and sound insulation has been greatly improved, this is the first insulating glass.

Early hollow glass is simply a step of the seal, poor performance. Use a period of time after the fog phenomenon will appear. In the twentieth century, the fifties, the hollow glass gradually civilized, more and more mature technology, and hollow glass technology began mass production. Glass sealing is getting better and better. Developed to the seventies, the western developed countries increasingly strong sense of energy conservation, countries to carry out massive energy-saving campaign, energy-saving building materials, insulating glass as a superior energy-saving building materials has been rapid development.

      Developed to the eighties, the world has reached 100 million square meters of hollow glass production, but the process is still controlled by the developed countries, mainly in Germany, Britain, the United States and Canada and other countries. For developing countries, the shortage of processes significantly limits their production.

     Different periods of development of insulating glass in accordance with national policy requirements is also far apart. For example, in Germany in the eighties, the government does not require the use of the new building of insulating glass does not approve the construction. To the nineties, for the use of insulating glass out of the more stringent new regulations. Provisions must be used on the building of insulating glass coating. In this period, the insulating glass in the German market has been very good development.

      In comparison, China's hollow glass in the promotion and use of the start are relatively late. Only in the 80's only started. The Government did not introduce the relevant provisions of the mandatory policy of the use of insulating glass, the current penetration of China's insulating glass less than 1%. Looking ahead 2017, easy-going energy-saving awareness of the increase again, the use of insulating glass in 2017 will be a breakthrough in growth.


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