Our Future Homes Will Be Wrapped In Smart Glass

- Oct 31, 2016-

Our future homes will be wrapped in smart glass

Britain's start-up "The Photon Project" announced that it will launch the "photon space" program, which is to build the world's first all-smart glass to create a future-style residential. In view of the natural light on our energy levels, sleep patterns, as well as overall health have a huge positive benefits. The outer "skin" consists of smart glass, which has a curved glass beam support. Under the control of mobile phone APP, intelligent glass can be switched from transparent to opaque state. Smart glass, also named as Privacy Glass or Switchable Transparent Glass ( STG ),is an intelligent high function glass, which has a special characteristic of changing between clear and opaque by voltage control.With such a function, Smart glass meets people’s double requirements of light transmission and protecting privacy.By the moment,smart glass can replace the traditional construction material,it plays a role in saving energy and protecting the environment.At present,although price of it is higher,but it will be reduce as the cost decrease.

 In the future,"Photonics space" can become the hotel, spa, health resort, medical center and other resorts ideal annex,

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