Paste Method Of Glass Fiber Mesh Cloth What?

- Jun 22, 2016-

Paste method of fiberglass mesh particular the following points:

1, the person responsible for the preparation of polymer mortar must be to ensure the quality of stirring.

2, open the lid counter-clockwise rotation, with a stirrer or other tools again stirred binder, the binder appears to avoid separation, stirring moderately, to avoid quality problems.

3, polymer mortar mix ratio: KL Binder: 425 # sulfur cement: sand (with a 18 mesh sieve bottom): = 1: 1.88: 3.25 (weight ratio). 4

Cement, sand bucket, said after a good amount of iron into the gray tank for mixing, stir mix by adding a binder, stirring, stirring must be uniform to avoid segregation, was gruel. It may be appropriate to add water according to the workability.

5, water as the concrete water.

6, according to a pre-required length, width, cut the mesh from the entire roll of fiberglass mesh, leaving the necessary lap length or length of the overlapping portion.

7, in the place clean, flat cut, cutting must be accurate, cut a good mesh must be rolled up, not allowed to fold, not allowed to stampede.

8, the first pass when applied mortar, EPS board should be kept dry, cotton board to remove harmful substances or impurities.

9, Yang corner do the building reinforcing layer, reinforcing layer shall be affixed to the inside of each side 150mm.

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