PDLC Smart Film Is Produced Many Color To Provide Customer More Option.

- Sep 29, 2016-

PDLC smart film is produced many color to provide customer more option.

    Recently,SHENZHEN ZEELIANGGLLASS CO.,LTD is produce many color pdlc smart film  to meet different customer demand  so, .what is pdlc smart film and what application it is?and it feature.? pdlc  smart film, also called Switchable film, is a product that is capable of adjusting light transmission between transparency and opaque while using AC power. Sturcture:ITO conductive film+PDLC Liquid+ITO Conductive film Length :Unlimited Width:10-1500MM or customized Thickness:0.44mm Color:white , light grey , dark grey .it's application  as follow:Project screen, Office privacy partition, Car window, Commercial advertisement, Home privacy window glass for smart tint ..Next,there is colorful smart film:

pdlc smart film ;

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