Photovoltaic (pv) Glass Self-cleaning Anti-reflection Coating AR Glass Production Technology Briefly

- Mar 06, 2017-

Photovoltaic (pv) glass self-cleaning anti-reflection coating AR glass production technology briefly
     Roller coating method, the principle of photovoltaic glass production AR coating is: using solar photovoltaic glass AR antireflective anti-reflection coating solution, again through the roller coating machine will be AR coating solution evenly coated to the surface of a photovoltaic glass, the table, and then get into the glass tempering furnace heating curing AR coating photovoltaic glass.
      Method for roller coating and spraying coating process, compared to the homogeneous degree of the product surface membrane layer increased significantly;Pulling method compared to coating process, the production efficiency has been greatly improved;Also, because of the roll coating process relative to the magnetron sputtering process cost is relatively low, most domestic photovoltaic glass manufacturers intervention or by other research route to the preparation of AR coating photovoltaic glass roller coating technology research, with the deepening of the research, roller coating law production AR coating of photovoltaic glass has been into the market, and gradually recognized by our clients.AR coating photovoltaic glass will as technology mature gradually replace the traditional photovoltaic glass become ordinary one of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules will choose materials, and the roller coating method introduced in the AR coating photovoltaic glass implementation of AR coating has a great role in the promotion of photovoltaic glass.

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